Rethymno – Sites and Beaches

Rethymno – Sites and Beaches

Rethymnon is a lovely city, which has many tourists during the summer months. Of course, Rethymnon is a lively town throughout the year, having about 35.000 permanent residents and about 10,500 students, who are studying at the city’s University, which is considered as one of the most advanced and prestigious universities of the country.

Discovering the beauties of the island, you can easily perceive the air of Venetian atmosphere that dominates in this magical city. A walk along the narrow streets of the old town and the Venetian harbor will reward you. Visit the Venetian castle Fortezza and taste the cool running water from the Fountain Rimondi.

Ottoman landmarks dominate imposingly at different points, such as the Mosque of Ibrahim, the minaret of Valide Sultana and Neratze mosque, which is now used as a music school.

The culture of the island unfolds harmoniously through natural archaeological places and museums. The city is proud of its cultural tradition, so follow the various cultural events that are organized, especially during the summer months. The most famous of these are the Renaissance Festival, the Wine Festival (at the Municipal Garden), the celebration for the Cretan Diet and variety of theatrical and musical performances and concerts.
Finally, walk to the beach of Rethymnon and enjoy the amazing sunset. Τake beautiful photos in Rethymnon Marina with city background. Those who visit Rethymno say characteristics that “Rethymno is the city that you always come back…”

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